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AU: Peter Hale and Chris Argent have been co-stars on the same show for years and they finally get together. A year later, they are interviewed about their relationship.

for peterthehale because 'cale is the healthiest ship'

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"You took me to the sheriff’s house." He scoffs, and it sounds just like Derek only smaller and Stiles can’t decide if it’s more discomforting or adorable. “I didn’t even know that Stilinski kid had an older brother.”

 ”Older—” Stiles blinks in disbelief. “You remember me?”

He’d been surprised by his father recognizing the young boy downstairs before realizing that Derek’s the same age as when the Hale fire happened. Just like Stiles himself remembers sixteen year-old Derek Hale getting pulled out of class seven years ago, the sheriff must remember delivering the bad news. But he never thought Derek even acknowledged him back then.

Derek studies him for a moment, confusion and uneasiness written all over his face. Stiles isn’t used to see this level of emotion in those hazel eyes, but he supposes that’s the point. This Derek is only a child, not yet aware of how cruel one’s life can be. Even less his own.

"I know you?" He asks, voice hesitant.

Stiles’ heart skips a beat at how that almost didn’t sound like a question.

"Yeah," he replies hoarsely. "Yeah, you do. We’re friends. Well," he huffs softly, "at least I like to think we are. Not sure you’d agree; we kinda argue a lot. It’s nice though. I’ve made you laugh at least once.” He smiles vaguely. “We make it work.”

There’s a faint frown on Derek’s face. “Why?”

Stiles pauses. “Because we’re pack,” he says.

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